Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where Did My Baby Go?

It's almost hard to remember what I was doing this time last year with Kate.  She had just come home from the hospital at the beginning of May and we were trying to establish a routine of feeding, sleeping, and surviving.  Fast forward one year and now I'm trying to keep up with my always-moving 15-month-old toddler!  

Kate took her first independent steps on June 1st, just 3 days shy of what would have been her first birthday had she arrived on time.  It took her about a month to be "declared" an independent walker.  Her first major steps happened on July 4th.  Since then she continues to do a mix of walking and crawling.  The walking part still needs to be coaxed out of her at times.  Since she didn't crawl before she walked I think she's discovering that crawling is almost just as fun!  

Kate's walking also had a little set-back recently when I decided to return to using cloth diapers.  As my stash of bargain disposables was running low, it just seemed logical to go back to cloth since they were already paid for; however, Kate decided that walking in a cloth diaper was NOT for her.  In fact, she would barely crawl at times.  I think the big, bulky diaper threw her balance off and she wasn't sure what to do!  So, back to disposables for now until she gets a little steadier.  Those big 'ole cloth diapers sure were cute on her for awhile! 

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