Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Needs Teeth?

As you can probably tell from Kate's gaunt cheeks, she is severely underfed (insert sarcasm here).  In all seriousness, despite the size of her cheeks, she is not storing food!

We've started exploring more table foods and less pureed foods.  For the most part I have tried making her baby food using the Beaba babycook and loved the results. While I'll still use the cooker mainly for fruits, I've enjoyed feeding Kate more of what we eat.  Oh yeah, did I mention that she STILL doesn't have any teeth?  Who needs 'em with the powerful jaws she has?

This weekend Kate explored all kinds of yummy table foods, including waffles, green beans, potatoes, cottage cheese, rice, pasta, bread, and ice cream from Chick 'fil a. HappyBaby yogurt melts and Plum Organics Super Puffs are always staples in our house.  Fortunately Kate has never turned away any foods we've presented to her.  Hopefully she'll continue this behavior into toddlerhood!

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