Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fallin' for Fall

It's hard to believe it's November already and we're heading into Thanksgiving soon.  October was a busy month for us.  Busier than I thought it would be.  Of course that's usually how the fall is for us.  In years past our weekends would be consumed with football games and fall parties; now, they are consumed with family gatherings, pumpkin gathering, and Halloween activities.  How life has changed!

Besides Halloween, of course, other big October events included Gramma turning 92 (!), cousin Lindsay visiting Kate for the first time, and Patsi, David, Kim, Andy, Leah, & Amelia coming in for Gramma's birthday (and I like to think to see Kate's cuteness as well). Oh yeah, and Uncle William was in town for several weeks from Colombia (the country, not the capital of SC).  We also managed to sneak away to one football game with our friends Dan and Ann.  They are UNC grads and, fortunately, Clemson whipped up on Carolina and made our weekend just perfect.  Blake's parents also drove in from Marion to watch Kate during the game and she had a blast feeding the fish, ducks, and greeting all the dogs that live in Keowee Key.  At then end of this super busy month, I guess it was to be expected that Kate's immune system would give up and she got the first, big virus of her short little life.  We battled a high fever for about 5 days before her cold finally said, "adios."  Thankfully she is now back to her normal, fun-loving self.  We missed that girl.

I'm posting a few pictures from Gramma's 92nd birthday.  You're going to be lucky enough to get a whole new blog on our pumpkin patch visit and Halloween.  Stay tuned for that!

Happy Birthday Gramma!

Apparently it's a little hard to get 3 kids and 2 adults to pose

Gramma and Leah

Following Amelia

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