Friday, November 11, 2011

Puppy Love

If there is an animal in this world that Kate loves more than anything it is definitely a dog.  In fact, if you ask her who her best friend is, she will invariably say, "Dottie." Blake and I joke that if given a choice to live with all the people she knows in her life, she would pick Dottie.   So, it just made sense that Kate dress up like Dottie's kind this year for Halloween.

Course we hit a little snag with the Halloween plans this year.  Kate woke up a few days before Halloween with an awful fever.  We kept thinking we had the fever under control, but that was just the tylenol talking. That nasty fever ended up sticking around almost 5 days, spiking to 104 and a little beyond.  Needless to say, there was no trunk or treat at Kate's school and no trick or treating on Halloween.  Our ibuprofen-fed child enjoyed seeing all the children in their costumes and passing out candy.  She didn't even know what she was missing.

The weekend following Halloween Kate finally went trick or treating.  Our sweet neighbors had special treats waiting for Kate so we got dressed up, took some pictures, and finally showed Kate what all the hype was about.  Enjoy our sweet puppy!

She wouldn't walk at first until she saw the big ball

Ready to go!

A puppy dog on 2 legs!

She even has her Clemson pumpkin bucket

Oooo, mommy, a plane!

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