Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Experiences

It's amazing to watch Kate grow and play each day.  It's so fun to witness her making new discoveries, almost on a daily basis.  As she continues to learn to walk independently, we have a new skill...crawling!  Of course I'd describe her crawling as more as half-crawling, half-walking, but it allows her to make quick, forward progress while she is still learning to walk.  

Another new experience for Kate is eating watermelon.  I've included lots of "juicy" pictures of Kate enjoying her favorite new fruit!

Watermelon is so yummy!

Isn't summertime so wonderful?  While it's not technically summer yet, it sure has felt like it lately with the 90+ degree weather.  As a result, we've had limited outdoor playtime as a family.  Even though it's been a little toasty, we did sneak in a romp in the grass one evening this week and, of course, we had to peek at our growing garden.  Here's some pictures of Daddy and Kate having fun outside!

My favorite ride!

Veggie garden

No, those aren't weeds...those are our blackberry & raspberry bushes!

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