Friday, June 24, 2011

There She Goes!

'Round and 'round she goes!  That's the theme in our house at least.  Kate has become pretty darn good at pushing her little walker around the house.  She goes from the kitchen to the living room to the foyer, down the hall, and back to the kitchen....over and over again.  And she is so proud of herself when she zooms by mommy!

We're hoping all this "walking" will lead to independent walking very soon.  Kate actually took her first three steps without support on June 1st (3 days shy of what would have been her first birthday).  Blake took some time off this week and we worked and worked on walking, but Kate seems to be a cautious learner who won't try anything new without being completely sure of herself.   This is a pretty good trait to have, I suppose.

Our new favorite evening ritual is having Kate walk in between us.  When she reaches Blake or I she falls into our arms and gives us the best hug ever.  Every time I wrap her up in my arms a tiny piece of me wishes she would stay like this forever.  

There she goes!
'round and 'round!

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